The Best Nine (Plus A Promo!)

A New Year’s Discount

As I sit here watching Princess Leia tell off Han Solo, I wanted to think about the good of 2016 and not the many sad and frustrating things that happened this past year. (One of my big ideas for the coming year is to be more positive!)

Thanks to the website, I was able to see my best nine photos on Instagram this year. I had only 62 posts this year, but I was elated to see my most liked photos by my friends, clients, family and peers!

Before I get mushy about these photos, I wanted to offer all of you a BIG NEW YEAR’S PROMOTION!

The first nine clients to book any full-price photo session (excluding mini sessions) in 2017 will receive a 10 percent discount! All sessions are up for grabs, including couples, family, in-home lifestyle, maternity, professional head shots, bachelorette/bachelor group photos, farm and home photos and so many more options are out there!

I can’t wait to see who will be the FIRST NINE of 2017! I will start working with clients on Jan. 2, 2017 to get this promotion running and go beyond into the year (which has A TON of great things coming)! Contact me by email at abloechlphoto @ or find me on Facebook/Instagram to get in on this limited promotion!

Now for me to gush about my first few months in business and how much you loved it on Instagram!

Best Nine 2016


Starting from the top! My best loved photo was of me! Who knew, and in this format, my face was cut off! Just goes to show, being real and making a few mistakes is appreciated by all!

This photo was taken by my beloved on his cellphone when we went strawberry picking this summer. It was a nice outing for us, as we also brought home some delicious produce from the farm we went to. Eli and I love the outdoors and getting a little dirty is exactly what we needed that day. When we got home, Eli made an amazing batch of strawberry jam we are still enjoying here in January!

The top center photo is of Eli and I at Devil’s River Campground this fall. We were with most of his siblings and their children to take family photos and to make up our big Christmas present to his parents! (I’ll post about their new photo wall later!) Well, Eli’s wonderful sister-in-law convinced me to hand my camera over so we could have our photo taken! She killed it! We used this baby for our Christmas cards.

The third photo was one I shared during the Rising Tide Society Recharge Challenge in early December. We were encouraged to find a quote that would set the tone for the upcoming year, and Abe just spoke to me out of the five quotes I was choosing from. I really want to work on being in a happy mindset as much as possible, so it’s going to be a great reminder and will likely show up on my feed again and again in 2017. The photo was taken in Green Bay at a pop-up tree sales spot at a local Catholic Church. They were raising money for a lot of local non-profits!

Now, the middle row. The one on the left is not my photo. It is the photo of the amazing Jackie Baumgartner Kinjerski. I was helping her promote her Holiday Mini-Sessions, and she ok’d me sharing her photo of the set up! Jackie is a wonderful friend and an amazing mentor. After losing touch for a few years, we found each other again over Facebook this summer. She willingly met with me shortly after reconnecting, and I told her about my crazy idea to start a photography/documentary business. She was like, “DO IT!” and has been one of my biggest supporters the last few months! Jackie always takes my call, and teaches me all the time about this business and how to shoot better photos. I love you, Jackie! (See her work at Ambient Photography!)

The photo in the dead center is me, again. Eli was holding my camera, which is rare considering I’m overly protective of it. But he just looked into the view finder and got this one of me packing away my tripod after I finished shooting a 14-person family photo that had both of us in it! I love this photo, and I’m so happy I have a few of me, considering I’m the one always taking snaps.

Middle right is Eli and our best hound, Mika, by our tree. These two bring me so much happiness and joy, I’m so thrilled they can be represented in my top nine in 2016.

The photo on the bottom left is super special to me. They are the hands of my wonderful grandmother Joan. This woman is my only remaining grandparent, and she is very special to me. To get this shot, I called her up one day and asked her if I could take her picture. She was reluctant, but as she wanted to help me grow my business, she agreed. Guess what, she was the best person I could have ever gotten in front of my camera, as shy as she is. (My content attached to this photo is worth the read.) My grandma Bev, who we lost last year to Alzheimer’s Disease, was just like me, always taking photos. I’m so glad I could use her talents of making people smile and pose to share the beauty of others.

A green sprig of life is what I want my 2017 to be. This photo was shared during the RTS Recharge Challenge, because I feel like it exemplifies what I want in my brand, a newness with a bit of grain and a path not exactly permanent. The photo was taken in October at Point Beach State Park in Two Rivers when I was still a journalist. I was learning, writing and photographing this wonderful park and working with a wonderful person to get it done. I learned about the Cold Caching program on the Ice Age Trail and wrote a killer story (in my opinion) for the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter. Gosh, I do miss journalism quite a bit right now, hence this lenghty post.

A baby and his loving mother make up the last photo in my best nine this year. Alexita and Carter were out in the snow on my parent’s farm, having a blast with his daddy and the rest of the family. Carter was a little camera shy, but seeing his siblings throwing snow and playing got a little smile out of him! These moments are exactly the kind I hope to capture forever!

Wow, I didn’t realize I had so many great things to say about 2016! Here’s to another year gone, and a new one on the way!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!

-Alyssa B.

4 thoughts on “The Best Nine (Plus A Promo!)

  1. featherflint says:

    I love this idea for a post – going through each photo and telling the story behind it. I need to do this! Also – gorgeous photos!!


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