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    How Old Photos Make Me Feel and Why

    I challenge you to find any photo album or box or digital file from at least five years ago and find a photo or two of you. Think about not just how you were, but how your life was. What was going on in that season? What cars did you own, what animals did you care for? What buildings did you build or tear down? What was happening? Take 10 minutes and do this. Go, right now and do it. 

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    Almost a photo a day.

    What a week! It has been so full, as I’m sure yours has been too. If you have a few minutes, I’d appreciate you just sticking with me for a few more words, and I’ll treat you with photos! As I told you last week, this year I’m really working on learning as much as possible about photography and to get increasingly better at my work through a photo challenge. Along with posting photos that meet the challenge requirements, I also have been working to take photos of different things each and every day. I still miss days, which doesn’t make sense. But you know, I have to take the…

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    3 Quick Photo Edits For Your Phone

    OK, let’s be real. Many of us are working hard on learning about how to work our photos to create a perfectly curated Instagram roll, Facebook album or click-enticing, Pinterest-worthy stunner. But I’m just not that person. I’m rather random with what I post, and I’m good with that for now. That said, I have picked up a few photography editing basics that have brought my photos from “meh” to “love!” I’ll show you examples with photos all taken by my cellphone. First, let’s talk photo composition. The rule of thirds is an unofficial rule photographers like to use to tell stories with their photos. Basically, break your photo up into a 3×3 grid and…

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    Thanksgiving on the Family Farm

    Thanksgiving was the perfect opportunity for me to convince my family members that they should have their photos taken. As it turns out, a little snow makes the family farm look like a cozy winter wonderland. I’m so thankful everyone was willing to let me take them out for a few shots. What things did you find you were thankful for? Here is a sneak peak of Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll have more for you soon! -Alyssa B.